Intelligent service call dispatching.

Create service calls using virtually any customer or equipment information. (Even part of the phone number, or name of the company, or anyone at that company that has ever called you before!) Unlimited call notes while taking and closing a call Just in case you ever need it; 2 levels of calls; Requests and Tasks. Create as many tasks for a single customer maintenance request. Dispatch as many technicians to a single task in about 1 second. Check to see who has time to do the job, and verify their schedules. Print the task, fax it, page the technician(s) or even email it to them…or the customer! Create the task on equipment, schedule equipment installations, track in-house workorders, automate equipment drop-offs, or just track the helpdesk call. Create a Service Call, without adding equipment to the Request or Task. Perfect for first time call-ins, or helpdesk situations. New “Quickcall” screen allows rapid entry of call information, which is perfect when you don’t need all the capability that Miracle Service98 can offer on a call screen. Displays expected target date/time automatically, calculated based on customer or contract priority. Warning lights while creating the Service Call…for everything. PM Due, In-Warranty, Callback, Problem Alert and much more. Labor or travel charges are displayed automatically, eliminating time and errors


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